About Strauss Global

Recognizing that today, perhaps more than ever, successful business owners, entrepreneurs, and high net worth families are looking for a holistic approach to servicing all of their distinct needs. Strauss Global was established to deliver the highest level of legal, tax, insurance, risk management, asset protection, and family office services within one organization.

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Strauss Global wasn’t built overnight.

  • 2009

    The Strauss Law Firm founded by Peter J. Strauss

  • 2012

    Expanded into captive insurance management

  • 2017

    Evolved into a total business solutions firm

  • 2019 & Beyond

    Formation of Strauss Global as one source for all legal, insurance and business needs.

We began in 2009 with The Strauss Law Firm, a boutique business-based law firm that focused on tax, estate planning, asset protection, risk management, and corporate services for what we affectionately refer to as the “largely ignored middle market”.

After expanding into captive insurance formations, consulting, and risk mitigation audit practices, we then built a suite of services in the insurance management arena in 2012.

As a boutique insurance firm, our focus has been solely on providing unique turn-key solutions in the captive insurance, specialty risk management, reinsurance, and product development space.

By 2017, we again evolved into a total business solutions firm offering valuation assistance, bespoke family office offerings, international banking guidance, and a variety of global citizenship offerings.

Today, we are proud to present Strauss Global as your single source for all legal, insurance, and business-based needs.

The Sphere

The Sphere represents the connectivity that lies within each of us as individuals, within our communities, and within our organizations.

The Strauss Experience

Rather than be transactional, Strauss Global prides itself on a continual evolution that allows for free-flowing collaboration alongside each of our clients. We create opportunities for each and every individual, organization, and service partner to connect with one another, to share with one another, to grow, scale, and evolve together.

Strength in numbers is only magnified when connected. The collective buying power of Strauss Global provides clients with unique access to networks, products, providers and services.

The Team

Our team spans the Globe and consists of some of the brightest and most accomplished professionals across the legal, insurance, and business communities.

  • Peter J. Strauss, J.D., LL.M.
  • Rebecca Muckelvaney
  • John DuPont, Ph.D
  • Birdie Sargent
  • Jill Pina
  • Christine Vandenberghe
  • Nathaniel Reed
  • Garrett Ward, AU-M
  • Peter Richardson
  • Jamie Simmons
  • Inga Brunette
  • Jodi Leto
  • Caroline Hurd
  • Leigh Reed

While most middle market firms do not have the luxury of having in-house counsel, dedicated client service representatives, and a team of tax, regulatory, and risk management professionals, Strauss Global does just that.

Strauss Global provides each and every client with a customized team of professionals to handle their legal, insurance, and business-based needs!