We deliver the highest level of legal, tax, insurance, risk management, asset protection, and family office services within one organization.

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Strauss Global is built on trust, professionalism, and cutting-edge solutions.

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We recognize that today, perhaps more than ever, successful business owners, entrepreneurs, and high net worth families are looking for a holistic approach to servicing all of their distinct needs. Our client-centered approach combined with best-in-class service provides our clients with unparalleled customized management services. Our experience, dedication, quality, and responsiveness are exactly what a business owner needs and deserves.

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Strauss Business Services is a client-centered catalyst for growth, scalability and value for entrepreneurs, business owners and their enterprises. We understand and support the lives that extend beyond the boardroom.

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Strauss Insurance Services has developed a national reputation for providing the highest level of captive management services, bespoke reinsurance solutions, proprietary commercial insurance placements, and innovative offerings to business owners located around the globe.

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The Strauss Experience

Experience a virtual total business solution built for your needs.

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After working for over a decade alongside some of the best entrepreneurs and business owners across the globe, we at Strauss Global noticed a troubling trend that provided the blueprint for the Strauss Experience. Our clients, as successful as they come, were failing to take time away to work on the business rather than in the business. To address this widespread issue, Strauss Global offers both a virtual total business solution plus a host of activities that allow today’s busy professional the opportunity step away from the day-to-day and work alongside us on their needs.

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